Quarterly Dues

At the first meeting of each quarter, January, April, July and October, the member will receive a statement from the Secretary for $62.00. This includes $17.00 for International Multiple District and District dues and $45.00 for six breakfast meals. The dues and the meal cost are subject to change.

Family members pay a reduced rate for their quarterly dues. International charges only 50% of its portion of the dues to up to four members of a family living under the same roof as an encouragement for families to join the Lions club. In addition International waves its portion of the entry fee for new family members.

Waver of Meal Costs

A form is available from the Club Secretary for relief from payment of meals when absent. It is not unusual for a member to be away from the Village for a few weeks, or prevented from attending due to illness. If a member knows he will not be attending for at least three or more meetings, he or she may obtain the form from the Secretary, sign it and the meal cost will be deducted from his or her next statement

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