Additional Duties of the Club President

  1. The president is the chair of the Club Global Action Team and he/she:
  2. In collaboration with the club officers and committee chairpersons, implement a plan for membership growth, community engagement, operational improvement and the fulfillment of humanitarian services as presented to and approved by the club's board of directors.
  3. Appoint standing and special committees and cooperate with chairperson to effect regular functioning and reporting of such committees.
  4. See that regular elections are duly called, noticed and held.
  5. Ensure the club is operating in accordance with local laws.
  6. Ensure proper administration of the club operation by ensuring that all club officers and members adhere to the club's Consitution and By-Law and the International Constitution and By-Laws.
  7. Encourage diplomacy to solve disputes in a fair and transparent fashion utilizing the Dispute Resolution Procedures if needed.
  8. Be an active member of the district governor's advisory committee of the zone in which this club is located.
  9. Serve as a mentor to vice-presidents to ensure the continuance of effective leadership.

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