New Member Procedures

  1. The sponsor obtains a Proposal for Membership form from the Secretary or from the Membership Committee.
  2. The candidate completes the form and the Sponsor submits this to the Membership Committee, along with the candidate's check for $93.00 ($17.00 quarterly dues, $45 quarterly meals plus $31.00 Initiation). New Family member fees will be provided by the Secretary.
  3. The Membership Chairperson or committee member meets with the candidate to discuss the Club , the duties and the responsibilities to qualify for membership.
  4. The Board of Directors approves the candidate for membership.
  5. The candidate is inducted into the Breakfast Lions Club at the earliest possible meeting.
The first dues statement after induction may include credit for meals not used prior to induction.


A member Lion, when bringing a guest to a meeting, is expected to pay the Greeters $7.50 for the breakfast. This charge may be waived if the guest is a prospective member.

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