Membership Chairman and Committee

The Membership Chairperson shall be the chairperson of the membership committee and shall serve as a voting member of the club's board of director. With approval of the board of directors, this position can be held by co-chairs, both being voting members of the board. The membership chairs shall assist the club with membership growth through membership satisfaction and membership recruitment. The responsibilities of this position shall be:

  1. Create a plan for the club membership growth. Present the plan to the club's board of directors for approval and support.
  2. Understand the different membership types and programs offered by LCI.
  3. Create a plan for the membeship satisfaction and present it to the club's board of directors for approval and support.
  4. Understand and incorporate membership satisfaction programs into membership growth intiatives.
  5. Encourage the recruitment of new members and promote award programs to the club members
  6. Form a membership committtee and work with it throughout the term.
  7. Ensure new members receive New Member Orientation and particpate in the Lions Mentoring Program.
  8. Serve as a member of the zone level membership committee.
  9. Submit Membership Chairperson Recruiting Reports and the Club Membership Satisfaction Report to the club officers once per month.
  10. Coordinate with other club committees to fulfill position responsibilities.
  11. Assist club officers in organizing a Club Quality Initiative workshop to examine your community's needs, assess your current membership satisfaction and develop action plans.
  12. Conduct exit surveys with members who leave the club.

The membership committee shall be composed of the membership chairperson and may be structured in a way to best fit the club. The membership committee should include last years membership chairperson and a vice membership chairperson to provide continuity of membership policy year to year. Members should also be selected based on their interest in recruitment and in member satisfaction. The function of the committee is to encourage recruitment of new members and to support and carry out the member satisfaction and membership growth plans of the Director.

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