Additional Membership Chairperson Duties:

  1. Collaborate with the District Global Action Team on membership initiatives, and participate in relevant district, regional and zone meetings and events.
  2. Develop and lead a membership committee to help implement action plan to achieve the club's membership goals and to positively increase the member experience.
  3. Encourage all members to participate in membership growth by inviting prospective members to the club. Follow up with prospective members promptly.
  4. Promote a harmonious club atmosphere by listening to and addressing, with the support of the club board of directors, concerns that prevent a positive member experience. This may include a survey or the opportunity for feedback.
  5. Engage new members in activities that are of interest to the members.
  6. Collaborate with the club service chairperson as well as other club committees to promote membership opportunities.
  7. Understand the different membership types and programs offered and promote membership programs to club members.
  8. Ensure that new members are provided with an effective orientation so new members understand how the club operates within its district, multiple district and Lions clubs International, with the support of the club First Vice President/Club Leadership Chairperson.
  9. Attend the district governor's advisory committee meeting of the zone in which this club is located when appropriate.

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