Additional Marketing and Communications Chair Duties

  1. Publicize club activities, including service projects, fundraisers, donations, Lions Clubs International sponsored contests and other newsworthy accomplishments both internally and externally via the news media, social media and other effective means.
  2. Expand humanitarian initiatives, community involvement and membership initiatives through social media.
  3. Provide communications tools to club members and to encourage all club members to participate in promoting the club's activities via social media, referral and other effective means of communication.
  4. Assist the club president in communication information from the district, multiple district and international headquarters with the club members.
  5. Work closely with the club membership chairperson to target and reach out to new potential club members.
  6. Attend the district governor's advisory committee meetings of the zone in which this club is located when appropriate.
  7. Participate in meetings held by the district marketing and communications chairperson.

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