Life Member

Any member of the club who has maintained Active membership as a Lion for 20 or more years and has rendered outstanding service to the club, his/her community, or the Association; or any member who is critically ill; or any member of the club who has maintained such active membership for 15 or more years and is at least 70 years of age may be granted Life Membership in the club upon:
(a) recommendation of the club to the association,
(b) payment to the association of US $500.00 or its equivalent in the respective national currency, by the club in lieu of all future dues to the association, and
(c) approval by the International Board of Directors.

A Life Member shall have all the privileges of active membership so long as he/she fulfills all obligations thereof. A Life Member who desires to relocate and receives an invitation to join another Lions club shall automatically become a Life Member of said club. Nothing herein shall prevent the club from charging a Life Member such dues as it shall deem proper. Former Lioness members, who are now Active members of their Lions clubs or who become Active members of a Lions club or who become Active members of a Lions club on or before June 30, 2007 may apply all of their prior Lioness service toward Life membership eligibility. Lioness members who become Active members who become Active members of a Lions club after June 30, 2007, will not be eligible for Lioness service credit for the purposes of Life membership eligibility. This membership category shall be included in the club delegate formula calculation.

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