Standing Committees

The following standing committees may be appointed by the club president, with the exception of the chairperson positions that serve on the Board of Directors, which would require election. Additional committees may be established as determined by the club's Board of Directors.

  1. GLOBAL ACTION TEAM is chaired by the club president and includes the club leadership chairperson (club first vice president), the club membership chairperson, and the club service chairperson (club second vice president). With the support of the board of directors, develops and inititates a coorinated plan to expand humanitarian service, achieve membership growth, and develop future leaders. Meets regularly with club members to discuss progress of the plan and initiates that may support the plan. Collaborates with members of the district Global Action Team to learn about initiatives and best practices. Shares activities, achievements and challenges with members of the Global Action Team. Attends the District Governor's Advisory committee meeting and other zone, region, district or multiple district meetings that feature service, membership or leadership initiatives to exchange ideas and gain knowledge that may be applied to club practices.
  2. CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS COMMITTEE interprets the club constitution and by-laws and may be charged with facilitating change in accordance with amendment procedures.
  3. FINANCE COMMITTEE is chaired by the club treasurer to establish a detailed budget for the approval of the club's board of directors, ensures proper documentation and authorization of funds, arranges for the annual audit of the club accounts, and ensures the delivery of all financial information to the successor committee.
  4. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE is chaired by the membership chairperson to ensure membership growth by reaching new markets, actively recruiting members and ensuring member satisfaction. This committee also verifies the qualification of potential members who are considered by the club's Board of Directors and noted in item Article III. section 2, ot the Club Constitution. The membership committee should include last year's membership chairperson, vice membership chairperson and any club members interested in new member recruitment and/or membership satisfaction.
  5. MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE is chaired by the marketing and communications chairperson to ensure effective internal and external communications, reshape public opinion and improve visibility of the club activities in the community.
  6. SERVICE COMMITTEE is chaired by the club service chairperson. Assists in developing service goals and action plans, identifying potential projects, guiding project planning and implementing and involving club members in meaningful service. Coordinates and ensures the effective leadership of service projects relating to the global service framework by supporting chairpersons assigned to each club service initiative. This committee may also be reponsible for applying for relevant LCIF grants and developing community partnerships as approved by the club's board of directors.
  7. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE assists members by providing access and/or support to online tools and communications as needed. This committee also serves as the club webmaster.
  8. LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE is chaired by the club first vice president. Notifies club members of training opportunities offered by the district, multiple district and Lions Clubs International as well as non-Lion programs that could benefit club members.

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