Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors have the following duties and powers:

  1. It shall constitute the executive board of the club and be responsible for the execution, through the club officers, of the policies approved by the club. All new business and policy of the club shall be considered and shaped, first, by the board of directors for presentation to and approval by the club members at a regular or special club meeting.
  2. It shall authorize all expenditures and shall not create any indebtedness beyond the current income of the club, nor authorize disbursal of club funds for purposes inconsistent with the business and policy authorized by the club membership.
  3. It shall have the power to modify, override or rescind the action of any officer of the club.
  4. It shall have the books, accounts and operations of the club audited annually or, in its discretion, more frequently and may require an accounting or have an audit made of the handling of any club funds by any officer, committee or member of the club. Any member of the club in good standing may inspect any such audit or accounting upon request at a reasonable time and place.
  5. It shall appoint, on recommendation of the finance committee, a bank or banks for the deposit of the funds of the club.
  6. It shall appoint the surety for the bonding of any officer of this club.
  7. It shall not authorize, nor permit, the expenditure, for any administrative purpose, of the net income of projects or activities of the club by which funds are raised from the public.
  8. It shall submit all matters of new business and policy to the respective standing or special club committee for study and recommendation to the board.
  9. It shall maintain at least two (2) separate funds governed by generally accepted accounting practices. The first fund to record all administrative monies such as dues, tail twisting fines and other internally raised club funds. A second fund shall be established to record activity or public funds raised by asking support from the public. Disbursement from such funds shall be in strict compliance with (g) above.

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