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The Board of Directors for the Hot Springs Village Breakfast Lions is responsible for the business functions of the club. This Board consists of the Club Officers, the Tail Twister, the Lion Tamer, the Program Coordinator and the elected Directors. The Club Officers are the President, the Immediate Past President, the Vice Presidents, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Marketing and Communications Chair and the Membership Chair. All the members of the Board have certain obligations and duties as provided in the Constitution and By-Laws. The Breakfast Lions Club has adopted the Lions International "Standard Club Constitution and By-Laws" (revised 06/2020).

For additional information you can reference the Arkansas Lions State Directory or one of two websites: Arkansas Lions Website or the Lions International Website

Officers for Breakfast Lions for 2020-2021
Sami Jo Magoffin Sami Jo Magoffin
46 Reddina Lane
President: The president is the chief executive officer of the club who presides at all meets of the board of directors and the club. The president issues the call for regular meetings and special meetings of the board of directors and the club. In addition thePresident has these Responsibilities: The Committees that report directly to the President are organizational and require in-depth knowledge of the history and operation of the Club. These Committees are:  LCI specifies the Function of Several Committees.
First Vice President: If the president is unable to perform the duties of the office for any reason, the vice president next in rank shall occupy the position and perform the duties with the same authority as the president. Other Duties of the First Vice President are as listed here. Each vice president shall, under the direction of the president, oversee the functioning of such committees of the club as the president shall designate. First Vice President Committees:
Don Draper Don Draper
49 Almazan Way
501-226-9406 (Joann)
Secretary: The secretary shall be under the supervision and direction of the president and the board of directors and shall act as the liaison officer between the club and the district in which the club is located, and between the club and the International Association of Lions Clubs. Since the association handles all its data through computer data bases, email and computer forms, the secretary needs to possess good computer skills. The duties of the secretary are listed here.
Janet Folstad Janet Folstad
4 Lindo Lane
501-915-0270 (Dale)
Treasurer: is responsible for maintaining the club accounts. The Lions Club has two separate funds, the Public (Activity) Fund and the Administrative Fund. All funds raised from the public must be returned to public use, including money accumulated from investment of public funds, including interest. The only deduction that may be made from the activity account are the direct operating expenses of the fundraising activity. The Duties of the Treasurer are continued here.
Tom Brink Tom Brink
28 Lindura Way
501-276-5559 (Judy)
Judy Brink Judy Brink
28 Lindura Way
501-276-5559 (Tom)
Tail Twister shall promote harmony, good fellowship, life and enthusiasm in the meeting through stunt and games and judicious imposition of fines on club members. There shall be no ruling from his/her decision in imposing a fine on club members, provided, however, that no fine shall exceed an amount fixed by the board of directors of the club, and no member shall be fined more than twice at any one meeting.  Also:
Ken Henry Ken Henry
9 Pego Way
501-226-5393 (Cynthia)
Lion Tamer: The Lion Tamer shall have charge of and be responsible for the property and paraphernalia of the club, including flags, banners, gong, gavel, song books and button board. The Lion Tamer shall put each in its proper place before each meeting and return the same to the proper storage area after the meeting.
Additionally the Lion Tamer Duties Include:
Barb Meyer Barb Meyer
22 Alta Way
501-226-5619 (Grady)
Membership: The responsibilities for this positions shall be:
a. Serve as a key member of the club's Global Action Team as the clubs Membership
Additional Membership Chairperson Duties Include:
Helen Van Stone Helen Van Stone
Good Samaritan, Apt 258
Program Coordinator: He/she improves general meetings and keeps members informed of topics of importance to the members by scheduling speakers and entertainment for general meetings based on the interests of club members. The Program Coordinator obtains permission for speakers from the President and informs the secretary, marketing and club communications. He/she also welcomes the speaker at the meeting, ensures their proper seating and welcome during the event.
Ken Wilson Ken Wilson
93 Murillo Way
501-922-1029 (Carole)
Rudy Schaumburg Rudy Schaumburg
19 Meseta Lane
501-922-6993 (Beverly)
Director - 1 Yr.: The directors are a member of the Board of Directors. The directors are elected for a two year term with half the number elected each year.
Pam Novak Pam Novak
4 SAn Clemente Cr.
847-867-8203 (John)
Dottie Stewart Dottie Stewart
46 Reddina Lane
Director - 2 Yr.: Director 1 Yr. have one year remaining in their term and Director 2 Yr. have two years remaining. See the Responsiblities of the Board of Directors.
Immediate Past President: He/she and other past presidents shall serve as mentors to the club president and vice presidents. He/she shall also serve as the LCIF Coordinator.
Don Draper
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